Our History

in-Store Media is 25 years young with the same objective as when it was founded: to improve communication among brands, retailers and shoppers, while enhancing the in-store experience (both physical and online)

How has a company which began in 1998 with 3 people evolved to be present on 3 continents with more than 150 employees? There are 3 reasons


Our 100% Shopper focus: our value proposition, centred on the buying process, has allowed us to create relevant communication networks at the point of sale.


Our retail partners (more than 60) and advertisers (more than 1,600). We have grown by accompanying the evolution of the shopper, from the first citylight in El Corte Inglés in 1998 to today’s omnichannel communication networks available in all countries where we are present.


Our team: With more than 150 professionals, whose passion and commitment have made in-Store Media the leading company that we are today.

Join us as we look back over the key milestones of these 25 years!


in-Store Media is born!

We are a great team of 3 people and we already have our first media network: the citylights at the entrances of El Corte Inglés stores in Spain


We start our international expansion

by jumping into Argentina with Carrefour


We continue our expansion in America

Walmart opens its doors to us in Mexico


We land in Portugal

alongside El Corte Inglés and Continente


We conquered new areas of the store

and developed the sales floor with “Pryca” and the Floor-Media network


We bring the Flor-Media to Portugal

and we do it with Continente


We get on the cart

and we do it hand in hand with Walmart in Argentina with an iconic product: Cart-Media


We are committed to digitalisation

developing our first digital point-of-sale network in Hipercore stores (almost 20 years ago!)


One of our flagship media support is born

the Stopper-Media, designed to impact the shopper right at the moment of the purchase decision


We develop the first customized campaigns

(1 to 1) campaigns through El Corte Inglés mailing system


We have turned 10 years old!

We are now over 70 employees. This deserved to be celebrated… Morocco here we come!


We land in Chile

starting a new collaboration with Cencosud with our digital Totems in their Shopping Malls


Poland becomes 6th country in the group

thanks to our new partnership with Carrefour Polska


We invest in a new channel

creating the first e-commerce advertising media network in Spain to impact the early adopters of online shopping at FMCG


We sign our first two contracts in France

which becomes the group’s 7th country, and the first with a 100% digital advertising portfolio in Hypermarkets


We “go big”

the largest LED screen is born on the facade of El Corte Inglés in Callao


We surprise all shoppers with our new Spectacular Marketing elements

with high impact networks to dominate in-store communication


Capital increase

at in-Store Media with the entry of the PE group Artá Capital as a shareholder


The first OSE

is born conducting the necessary research to understand all users, since then present in all countries


We lead digital communication in France

we became leaders in digital in-store communication with the leading retailer: Leclerc


First contract signed in Asia

Philippines becomes the 8th country of the group with the signing of the contract with the RSCI group


Lights, action!

light comes to the shelf with our LED Stopper


We create the first omnichannel network

with Auchan group in Portugal: now we impact the shopper on and off


We create the first spectacular digital network inside the store

125 screens, up to 15 meters, conquer 25 Chedraui shops in Mexico


Digitalisation conquers the shelf

with our new Top Banner, available in Cencosud’s Jumbo Hypermarkets located in Chile


25 years later

we renewed our successful partnership with El Corte Inglés, innovating and digitising advertising communication in their centers

And this is (just) the beginning of our story!