Added value

Proximity and a close relationship
with our customers

Thanks to our knowledge of shoppers and point of sale, we create, market, and manage communication channels, both in physical stores and online. Brands and retailers can effectively and measurably impact their audience during the purchasing process through data analysis.

We enhance the consumer shopping experience, allow advertisers to effectively connect with their target audience, and offer additional risk-free income to retailers.

Value for

We help retailers to improve and evolve their customers’ shopping experience. We create omnichannel media networks linking the “on and off” experience and generating additional net revenues.

innovation and
digitalisation at
the point of sale

Thanks to our expert knowledge of the point of sale and data analysis, we create new media networks based on shopper behaviour.

Improving the

Our added value lies in our ability to transform the point of sale into an advertising media that enhances the shopping experience, either on or off.

We offer
retailers a net,
incremental and sustainable
source of revenue

Our commercial approach, targeting trade and marketing departments as well as media agencies, enables us to attract advertising budgets to the point of sale.

Zero dedicated
resources and
zero operational

We are responsible for the all CapEx and OpEx, as well as all costs linked to marketing and operations, and also of the management of the monitoring and reporting.

Value for

We transform shopping occasions into communication opportunities to connect with shoppers.

We create a
communication channel
with the shopper

Our omnichannel approach facilitates to impact shoppers at any moment of their shopping trips.


Brands can reach their shoppers thanks to our 360º service.

and proven results

We effectively impact the shopper’s decision making process.